01 Feb 2011

Extreme Flower Arranging

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How did you spend your Friday night?  I would bet you didn’t spend it participating in an extreme flower arranging competition!  Well, it may not have been extreme but it was a part of my Friday night plans.  I enjoyed the evening with my assistant at a cocktail party hosted by Laurel from Bloom Floral and Event Design.  Laurel is amazingly talented and throws a great party to boot!

Sharing tasty food and some great drinks was a wonderful way for the vendors and associates she works with to get to know each other.  One of the evening’s activities was a 30 minute arranging and design challenge.  We each picked a number randomly, which coordinated with a vase.  Laurel had tall vases, short vases, skinny and fat vases and some even had an extra obstacle …dun dun dun… a ribbon. (And not always the best ribbon to match the flowers we had!)

Tom, my lead assistant got a squat vase with a rainbow ribbon and not to call him out or anything, but he tried switching with someone (clearly a violation of the rules).  It’s alright though, we didn’t let him and even though he hated his vase, I think he did a good job!

milwaukee wedding planner blog - flower challenge2

I contemplated not posting my creation … and decided to just go for it.  But before you ask, no, I didn’t win!  I am not gifted in the floral arrangement category.  I can come up with a beautiful mix of flowers and colors to use but arrange them?  Not a chance!  This is why I leave the arranging to professionals like Laurel.

milwaukee wedding planner blog - flower challenge

milwaukee wedding planner blog - floral challenge3

Hope you enjoyed our Tailored Arrangements and don’t worry, we decided to put down the pruning sheers and stick to the styling!

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  1. Sarah S says:

    this is my first visit and I just wanted to stop by and say Hello Everyone!

  2. Tom says:

    I think I beat you Amanda!!!!!

  3. Amanda Felsman says:

    Yes, yes you did Tom

  4. wedding flower arrangement ideas says:

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