19 Mar 2014

Sam + J {Engagement shoot}

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Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart. This couple has overcome great lengths, literally, to be together their and love has blossomed into an amazing adventure. Check out their story and fabulous engagement shoot by Heather Cook Elliott Photography here!


03 Mar 2014

Danielle + Paul {Osthoff Resort}

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You know when you see those wedding day photos where the snow is falling perfectly overhead and the couple looks like they haven’t a care in the world? The icy white somehow comes off as warmth and makes you feel all cuddly inside? You probably have a smile on your face and maybe, if you’re a little on the sappy side, your eyes tear up just a little?

Well, Danielle and Paul are two people to be jealous of.

Not just because their picture portrays exactly what I just described perfectly, but because along with the beautiful wedding day and engagement shots you can tell just how perfectly in love they are.

Need the proof?


TJ Uttke Photography

Seriously, did they even notice it was cold outside?

Danielle and Paul were two of the biggest sweethearts to be around that day. They were so grateful for everything. There was an obvious ease between the two and their relationship. Getting Danielle ready to walk down the aisle was a breeze; if there were nerves, I couldn’t sense any.

After the ceremony the two only had eyes for one another. They took the time to relax before their reception, just the two; throughout the night the pair would have quiet time alone, but at the same time, they seemed to cater to their guests.

Each and every person there was somebody they were close with. And in a room chock full of people that might be hard to believe, but this was a type of wedding where you feel right at home-like you’ve known these people forever.

The couple wrote a letter to each and every guest, thanking them for being a part of their big day:


(We LOVED that each place setting had a little sprig of lavender tucked in it.)

Not to mention we were told their families had big sweet tooths, but big didn’t even begin to cover it. Let’s go with ginormous…that fits it to a t. Their dessert table had probably 15 different sweet treats to choose from; cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, candies, you name it, they had it.

These cute little chrysanthemum topped cupcakes were my favorite.

Lani Renneau Confections

Lani Renneau Confections

And their guests adored them. It was obvious. When listening to the detail of everybody’s speeches they had such detail and more times than not tears followed. Tears that made the individual speaking stop to catch their breath and regroup just a little. Laughs were imminent too, especially when hearing the tale of how the two met. Priceless!


Marius Bell

When you’ve got a love that is great, it engulfs you and your sweetheart and everyone around you-and that is exactly how I would describe what Danielle and Paul have.

Congrats to the newlyweds and cheers for the many more years to come!



12 Feb 2014

All that glitters…

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We’ve been having a frequently occurring issue of not being able to find gold wedding accessories-whether it be a belt or headpiece-they are just hard to find. BUT, we happened to catch wind of a new line while dress shopping at Bliss Bridal in Brookfield yesterday and thought we would share the great news with you.

Be prepared to fall in love…

PRESENTING (da-da-da-da!) Thomas Knoell’s new Watters line with bold and GOLD accessories.

Watters Belt

Cove Belt

Luxor Belt

Luxor Belt

And just because I’m in love with these, for your viewing pleasure, the Athena Cuffs. *swoon*

Watters Collection

Watters Collection


Honestly, they’re all pretty much my favorite-how can you not be enamored by them?

After viewing all of his pieces, there is one thing I noticed-I haven’t had that many brides lately with headpieces. Headpieces are definitely a do. It is just one more way your can have yourself dripping in jewels, so why not?

Our Inspiration:

Erin Kuhn was one of our brides from this past summer who had a headpiece and rocked it. She definitely goes to show that they can be done beautifully.

Gloss Photography

Gloss Photography

Our picks:

Watters Headpiece

Watters Headpiece

Watters Comb

Watters Comb







Afraid of going overboard? Check out this smaller piece. You can always make a little go a long way!

Just remember all that glitters doesn’t have to be gold; the line also comes in silver and rose gold!

Want another option for glittering accessories? Check out Jaxie Bridal in person or online!

05 Feb 2014

Celebrity Style-Bridesmaid Edition

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For some reason, and maybe I’m the only person who thinks like this, but when hearing the word “bridesmaid dress” images of horror pop up into my mind. Puffy sleeves, putrid colors, something that will be retired to the back of the closet the second you can get it off…but in reality, we’ve come a very long way since those days. The world of bridesmaid dresses have evolved and yet again, they’re upping the glam factor.

A new trend we’ve been seeing? Styling your bridesmaids after celebrities and upping the sophistication. Long gorgeous gowns decked out in jewels and sequins, or maybe just a beautiful solid satin. As a bride, you want every detail to fit together perfectly. Every aspect needs to shine-whether the dresses be short or long, don’t skimp on your bridesmaids!

This doesn’t mean any extra costs to the girls either; there are plenty of perfectly affordable picks from your local boutiques as well as online options!

Weddington Way has options from $100 and under as well as dresses that are 100% returnable! The site is easily accessible and allows the bride to share her customized page with her bridesmaids.

Taking two very popular inspirations from some of Hollywood’s starlets here, are some of our favorite looks for your leading ladies.


Long, short, sleeveless or sleeved, sequins are a HUGE trend right now. As always, Kate is a stunner in sequins.


Our Inspiration                                                                                                                                                  Our Picks:



front sequin


back sequin


Looking for shorter options? Check out these sites for styles all under $75:




One Shoulders & Slits:

Jen Aniston definitely turned heads in this high slit, one shoulder gown. Don’t feel comfortable doing both? Opt for one or the other.

Our Inspiration

 This gorgeous gown is a doppelganger for Aniston’s showstopper. Added bonus? It comes in over 25 colors to choose from!

 David’s Bridal also has a selection of one shoulder gowns ranging from jersey, silk, charmeuse and chiffon. Keep in mind the addition of lace and/or floral embellishments always ups the glam as well.

 Just remember on the big day own the red carpet-ahem aisle-with confidence and you’ll reach celebrity status in your audience’s eyes!

Want more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for bridesmaids!


24 Jan 2014

Keep It Custom

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When monograms come to mind, some people may automatically be turned off on the idea. True, I used to automatically think of my grandparents’ era. Something old fashioned, maybe even outdated. Yes, it is a style that has been around forever (seriously since medieval times), but in my eyes, especially lately, it is truly a trend that will never get tired.

Did you know that there is proper etiquette for engaged or married couples’ monograms?

“Married or engaged couples may use two-letter monograms of their entwined initials, for example on wedding invitations. Married couples may also create three-letter monograms incorporating the initial of their shared surname. However, monogramming etiquette for the married couple varies according to the item being monogrammed. Linens, for example, typically list the woman’s given initial first, followed by the couple’s shared surname initial and then the man’s given initial.”

With that said, if you know the rules, it is all the more reason to break them! Customize them whichever way you want. Whether you are classic, modern, vintage, rustic, whimsy, every bride wants their wedding day to be all about them and that’s why monograms fit in perfectly with each and every style.

Here are some of the easiest ways to incorporate your own custom touch into your dream day.


classic inviterustic invite whimsy inviteRunners:

classic monogram runner

rustic runner

vintage monogram runner

Cake toppers:

monogram cake 2

monogram cake 3

rustic topper

Final touches:monogram decor 2

monogram decor 3

monogram decor

Just remember, you don’t always have to keep it classic, but you can always keep it custom.



13 Jan 2014

Sundae Weddings

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With this less than mild weather, and I think it would be okay to refer to it as downright brutal, I’ve definitely been dreaming about  summer. Outdoor summer weddings (we have a few!) and more specifically, Sundae weddings. Yes, S-U-N-D-A-E as in the ice cream treat, not day of the week!

When it comes to deciding the perfect dessert for your wedding guests, there are obviously many sweet treats that come to mind. There is the tried and true sheet cake, the very popular cupcakes, and an assortment of favorite gummies, chocolates and candies for the ever popular candy bar. With that said, many couples want to walk down the beaten path and try something different. Being that many couples choose to have their weddings during the heat of the summer, here is a cool alternative to more traditional desserts.

Creating your own Ice Cream (or Gelato!) Parlors are a perfect way to personalize your dessert as well as offering guests a full assortment of mixing and matching whatever they please. It is a great way to make sure you don’t get stuck in the “one size fits all” dilemma because truly, no one really likes the exact same thing. Ice Cream buffets are a great way to add a playful element to the evening. The bride and groom can offer their ideas for their perfect signature sundae and leave the rest up to their guests. A few of my favorite places? Purple Door and La Coppa.  With locations in Milwaukee, both have a perfect mix of traditional and extravagant flavors.

Personalized Spoons

Personalized Spoons


Styling your personal parlor is really where you can let your creativity flow. Dessert tables are an aspect of the celebration that sometimes can be overlooked; instead with this idea, there are so many elements up for designing. When I dream of ice cream, and I do a lot, I think of a soft and light color palette. Mint green, robin’s egg blue, and baby pink come to mind.

Anything from the traditional maraschino cherries to the more extreme sour gummies can make an appearance at an ice cream parlor. It is a good idea to let guests know exactly what they’re getting, which is why I felt that wooden spoons showcasing each topping was a great idea. Jarred ice cream toppings are also a great and memorable favor for guests; it is also something that can pretty much be guaranteed not to be given anywhere else.





My favorite are these cute little labels that can be fastened to skewers or even striped straws. Another alternative is having them printed by themselves and stuck on apothecary jars for each flavor of ice cream or candy. Chalkboards are always fun, too!



When I’m craving a cone I automatically want a crunchy, vanilla waffle cone. Keeping in mind that it is most likely going to be warm and guests are going to mingle while munching, dishes are the way to go. You can personalize them with a monogram, do stripes or dots, or glamorize them with bowties! Even the littlest items, like spoons, can be colorful additions!




Just remember, “Its difficult to think of anything but pleasant thoughts while eating ice cream.”

16 Apr 2013

Summer Internship

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I am currently looking for a qualified intern for the Summer Semester.  Please see details below.

We are looking for a Proactive, energetic and positive intern to assist with a variety of duties including social networking, event preparation, client intake and other various marketing duties. A qualified candidate will be pursuing experience in the events industry and must be receiving school credit for this unpaid internship. Interest in the wedding industry is a plus and experience with social networking is desired. Candidates must be comfortable working on their own, be detail oriented and resourceful.

Internship responsibilities will include:

• Managing content for social networking sites.

• Interacting with vendors and clients.

• Inventory preparation for weddings.

• Office organizational tasks.

• Marketing in various forums.

Candidates must receive college credits for the internship. Resumes can be sent to Amanda Felsman at info@tailoredengagements.com. This is an ideal position for someone looking to gain experience in the growing events industry.

22 Feb 2013

Shay and Tom got Hitched!

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Picture 4


Shay and Tom had a wedding day that was SO perfectly them.  All evening I heard guests commenting “This is SO Shay!”  Shay wanted a playful, cheery wedding day and it came together as just that.  The colors included a soft sherbet palette including pale pink, peach, yellow and shades of orange.  The centerpieces were playful, the candy table was cheery and the place card display was fun.  The day was captured perfectly by Heather Cook Elliott Photography.

Picture 7Picture 8Picture 8Picture 9

Guests mingled on the Riviera patio that overlooks the lake while snacking on mini favorites from Chicago and Wisconsin including mini brat’s paired with a beer shot and tiny Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.  They danced the night away and laughed with friends.

Picture 11Picture 10

The couple planned the day wanting to spend time with friends, family, and each other.  They mingled, shared good food and drink, and most of all enjoyed each other.  It was such an honor to be a part of a day so filled with love.

Picture 15Picture 13 Picture 14

Photo Credits: Heather Cook Elliot 

Check out more of the amazing pictures from Shay and Tom’s wedding on Heather’s Blog here

05 Dec 2012

Bachelorette Fun

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Styling for the wedding goes far beyond the reception. It can be included in every aspect of the wedding including the shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and after party. This past weekend I got to style a bachelorette party. It was so much fun being able to go a little more crazy with things then we would at a wedding.

You can be more fun and playful with a bachelorette party or shower and that is what we did. Kara is one of the sweetest brides. She is always helping others and never thinking about herself, so planning a night for her to let her hair down was a blast! We went with a color scheme of pink and black. We made sure the pink was in different hues so it wasn’t too matchy matchy. Kara has always been a fan of zebra print, so we started there and added other bold patterns to funk things up!

A party wouldn’t be a party without a few signature drinks, so we served Pink Lemonade Cosmos with a cotton candy garnish along with Raspberry Mojitos. In keeping with the pink theme, we also had bottles of pink champagne along with red and white wine for the ladies who don’t care for liquor.

You can see the bottles were all painted to give them a chic look. We added a bubble wall feature behind to highlight the drinks so they could be spotted from across the room.

Using the same technique, I fashioned a guest book wine bottle and boy was it cute all signed and done up for the bride!

So cheers to one sweet bride and her stylish bachelorette party!

Photo Credits:
Tailored Engagements

23 Oct 2012

Meet Mel!

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Bonjour!  As Amanda’s assistant/associate, we both thought it would be a nice little treat for everyone to get to know me!  Here it goes… My name is Melissa.  Wisconsin has been home my whole life, but Milwaukee has been my home for the past six years.  Having the upbringing of a suburban girl and the young adulthood of city dweller, perfectly balances my loves. The non-city loves are spending time up north at our family cabin, hiking through the woods, quiet neighborhoods and my beagle, Olive.  The city loves are the restaurant varieties (I’m kind of a foodie), close proximity to anything I need, and the accessibility to all kinds of events, culture, etc. Here are a few other random notes:

  • I love movies! One of my favorites is Midnight in Paris.
  • I go stir crazy if I don’t travel outside of the state at least once, preferably twice a year.
  • I’m undoubtedly in love.
  • I could eat gallons of guacamole if my stomach would let me!
  • I’m one of those people who adore winter.  Who doesn’t love the magic of snowflakes and fireplaces?!

My work experience is in restaurants and the events industry, not to mention growing up in a family involved in hospitality, has led me to Tailored Engagements.  Amanda and I have similar styling taste, work personalities, and attention for detail. Personally, my style is along the lines of vintage and worldly.  Think Anthropologie.  Details I find important are aligning favors, making sure candles are lit, all dishes are facing the same way, table linens are even, and fingerprints aren’t visible on vases.  The list of anal pet peeves could go on!  It’s like I have a built-in binocular that zeros in on what needs to be touched up. They are details hardly anyone else would notice, but I wonder, would they notice if one thing was off?  Probably.  That’s why they are important! My work philosophy centers on pleasing the client by going above and beyond.  I consider how I would want an event planned and executed, then make sure it goes off without a hitch.  It’s perfectly okay to have high standards; I know I do for events and hospitality. It’s your day and you shouldn’t feel anything less than perfection.  I truly am a people pleaser, a blessing and a curse! Some say you become jaded or desensitized to the emotions of weddings or events after working so many.  To that I say… not this girl! There hasn’t been an event to date that has left these eyes dry!  I love love.  I love seeing people in love.  I love the work I do because it allows me to contribute to the couple’s bliss.  It just warms my little heart! With that said, I’m excited to continue to grow with Tailored Engagements, but more importantly, I look forward to working with you.  Hopefully you know me a little better (or at all) and look forward to working with me too!