12 Nov 2014

Jess + Zach {West Bend Country Club}

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Jess and Zach’s rehearsal was the first I’ve ever been involved with that all guests stood in a circle, holding hands with one another (some complete strangers) and one by one not only had to tell a story about themselves, but also had to give a well wish to the soon to be wed couple. In addition to each and every wish, there were several attendants who mentioned having sunshine over the rain showers that were being forecast for the upcoming day.

You could tell people were a little nervous at first, but it was entirely evident after the fact that everyone had huge hopes for Jessica and Zach as well as undying love.

Something else that was evident?

Just how IN LOVE this couple was. Jess seemed smitten, shy and giggly throughout the evening. Zach couldn’t take his eyes off his bride to be.

If they were near one another, which chances are they were, their hands were always interlaced. At some points in time they were entirely oblivious to everyone around them.

It turns out that this wonderful, free and easy going rehearsal was definitely a sure-fire indicator of what the wedding day would be like. Looming clouds gave way to a bright and gorgeous day, just as the bride was stepping foot onto the shuttle.

Yes, this sounds too good to be true-like a fairy tail.

Yes, it really happened.

Jess wanted to add sparkle and shine to every element of the wedding day that she possibly could. And pink. She loved pink. The pops of pink in her bouquet were absolutely stunning.

Throughout the evening, those little touches were evident. From the sequined table clothes, to the shining chandeliers, to the cake.

And I do mean THE CAKE as in just look at this beauty:

setting - 0025

Guests were spoiled by a candy bar and specialty donuts from The Vault in Chicago.

setting - 0065

The evening was capped off by a few rowdy dance offs and sing-a-longs and a oh-so-popular cigar bar.

dancing - 0285

Sweets may be the way to a woman’s heart, but those cigars stole the men’s.

setting - 0087

Take a peek at some of my favorite shots of the day thanks to Paper Antler Photography and be prepared to be dazzled by the gorgeous couple to their breathtaking decor.

setting - 0004

setting - 0021

setting - 0029

setting - 0032

setting - 0043

setting - 0069

setting - 0072

setting - 0094

bridal party - 0130

jess + zach - 0079

jess + zach - 0139

bridal party - 0022

bridal party - 0100

Ceremony Venue: Kewaskum Peace Church
Reception Venue: West Bend Country Club
Florist: Marius Bell, Milwaukee
Photographer: Paper Antler, Madison
Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Music: Fretless Strings
DJ: Milwaukee Airwaves, Milwaukee
Cake: CAKE, Chicago
Donuts: The Vault, Chicago
Chandeliers: Majic
Invitations: Paper Envy, Milwaukee
Tent: Arena Americas, Milwaukee
Linens: BBJ, Milwaukee

11 Nov 2014

Bustle Blunders

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A topic that we find oh-so-necessary to touch base on that brides wouldn’t normally think twice about?

BUSTLES-a tiny item that could have a large impact on your evening.

As of late, we’ve be stumbling upon more and more problems, due to brides stumbling along their dresses.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind on your wedding day to beware of faulty bustles.

1. It is typical to leave your bustle down for all photos, events before your ceremony. Only after you walk down the aisle does it come up. Refraining from tying it up and pulling it down multiple times will keep all parts intact and strong for later on in the evening when you’re busting on dance moves on the floor.

2. All bustles are different; although we’ve seen many, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen them all! Appoint a bridesmaid or mom to lead in the tying or buttoning of your bustle. Go through the steps a few times before the wedding as to keep from slowing down the tie up.

TIP: If your mom or maid of honor was with you during your dress shopping, they will be the best point of contact for the day.

3. Have a plan of action for if or when your bustle breaks. Bustles are delicate and no matter how expensive your dress was, it doesn’t fool proof your bustle from breaking. Keep a sew kit or pins on hand in case of creating a makeshift bustle.

TIP: It may seem tacky to bustle with pins, but they are often the strongest resolution. And if you are worried that they might show, they are often times entirely invisible to guests. Only you will know they’re there!

27 Oct 2014

Flower Petal Faux Pas

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Where would our lives be without Pinterest?
…my snarky answer: probably outside or on a run, maybe doing some chores around the house or checking off a few tasks on the list.

…my real answer: a little mix of the above, but with a lot less organization, ease, quick resolutions and ideas. I’ll be honest: Pinterest is fueling my find and fix DIYs, organizing my outfits and making them seem a bit more polished, filling my kitchen with glorious scents and helping me find the perfect gifts.

BUT as will all good things, there might certainly be the bad looming around the corner.

In the bridal world, there are some horrible, terrible, no good, very bad things we see on Pinterest.

One of my favorite examples: flower petal designs down the aisle.

First things first, YES they are BEAUTIFUL. But there are a lot of factors when it comes to pulling this off successfully (ever seen those links to Pinterest fails? If not executed properly, this could end up there).
TIP: To capture the perfect shot you’ve seen on Pinterest, the photo was probably snapped within seconds of the petals being placed.

Things you need on your side:
1. Weather
2. Guests
3. Time

Things you can’t control:
1. Weather
2. Guests
3. Time

In order for these petal patterns to cooperate, you need the wind out of sight and rain out of mind. One brisk breeze, especially here on the Milwaukee lakefront, and your pattern will be pushed out of place.

One false move or one unobservant guest and again, your florist’s artwork is abort.

Holding off until the last minute is key for this specific design aspect. The only time “the early bird gets the worm” doesn’t apply is before ceremony start time. Guests can and will show up an hour early, cutting into set up time. Waiting for the rain? Or wind to settle down? Having to hold out for weather will undoubtedly hinder set up time as well.

Things to Keep in Mind:
1. Rain Plan
2. Artistic Freedom
3. Open Mind

If you so choose to follow through with your flower petal plan, here are some key components to understand.
1. The weather may ultimately cancel these plans
2. Give your florist your inspiration picture, but allow he/she artistic freedom. They won’t let it look unsightly.
3. Remember from the above, there are some things out of your control. Don’t approach the aisle an expect the flowers to still stand perfectly in place and remember that by the time you as the bride are walking down, the design will surely be scattered from the processional.

TIP: To ensure a picture perfect pattern while remaining worry free, have your ceremony indoors or pick a more plain/pattern free design. It will still look lovely.
TIPx2: Check in advanced to make sure this is allowed by the venue if indoors.

Real Wedding:
Julissa & Ayodeji
Photo courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott Photography

julissa flowers

Photo courtesy of Heather Cook Elliott Photography

julissa flowers 2

21 Oct 2014

The Waiting Game

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Scenario: You just got engaged, your Pinterest wedding board is filled to the brim and you’re ready to get this planning thing going full speed ahead!

As planners, we pride ourselves in getting back to our clients quickly and we appreciate receiving positive feedback on our prompt response rates. Having a planner helps minimize and manage the stress of other vendors not getting back to you. Think of planners as professional stalkers: the moment we receive your email, we contact vendors to get your answer. We will continue through email and phone calls with check ins until we get the sought after info. Sometimes it can take 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days…and then some.

We know you’re excited and we are just as excited to get to working with you, but before you get head over your wedding day heels, there are a few tricks and tips to know about within the wedding industry when you hit a few bumps in the road. Especially during busy season.

1. Sundays are Saturdays and Mondays are Sundays. Especially in the bakery and catering worlds.
After long weekends of events, more common than not, most bakeries and catering companies are closed on Mondays.
TIP: This rule does NOT apply to Bridal Shops. Although they may be closed Mondays, they often have extended hours/business days to accommodate your appointments!

2. Two days wait: Getting price quotes/availability for just about everything in the industry can sometimes warrant a day’s (or two) wait. We aren’t stalling to get back to you or ignoring your emails, if we could come up with quotes in the snap of our fingers, we most definitely would! Although we could base quotes off of past client’s info, it is our goal to get you the most up to date pricing/info to save you time in the long run.
TIP: Sometimes following up with vendors 4 times to get quotes back to you isn’t out of the ordinary-even 6 can be normal!

3. Dress appointments and venue tours…weeks out. Once in awhile, you may luck out and be able to get shooed in last minute; but as a heads up, dress appointments and venue tours are often planned at least a week or two out. As are tasting appointments. For a girl who hates to wait, this is the hardest part for me.

4. Holidays are universal.
Think Thanksgiving and Christmas…It is certainly convenient that you may be in town celebrating the holidays with family members and friends-why not get a few wedding meetings out of the way as well? For a profession that is spent working almost every weekend, when it comes to holidays, many take advantage of being able to take personal time off to spend with family.

5. Weekends-Off Limits (to an extent).
I shouldn’t say off limits, but unless you’re headed to look at dresses, most wedding vendors find weekends difficult to meet as they are most likely at a wedding themselves. Put yourself in your day of wedding heels-would you want your caterer, planner, florist (to whom it may concern) meeting with other couples before tending to your big day? You may certainly find yourself saying no…
TIP: This is primarily true during busy season, November-March are often times much easier for wedding vendors to meet on weekends and more common than not, that’s when you’ll see them-take advantage of this!

With every rule, comes an exception; there will always be a time when you may be able to beat the system, but knowing this info is a good rule of thumb within the planning process.

All in all, our best advice we can offer to any bride or groom is that you must plan in advance. Waiting last minute to cram will just cause a headache.
Take it from me, a girl who would appreciate everything falling together in the flip of a dime, good things come to those who wait ;)

11 Sep 2014

A few of our favorite {FALL} things

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The new season is fast approaching, if you couldn’t tell, open up your eyes!

But, with the breezy weather on its way in, I have begun my seasonal stock up-this is honestly my favorite time of the year!

True, it may be a l i t t l e early for Pumpkin Spice anything, but I’m going to go ahead and embrace a good thing when it appears.

Summer is great and all, but fall is what I live for. The shoes are cuter, the colors are richer, and I can bundle up in my favorite sweater(s).

Not to mention boots. I love the boots. I just added these classics from Lands’ End to my collection last week:


NOTE: If you aren’t already a fan, the Wisconsin based Lands’ End has a LOT to offer. Not to mention killer sales throughout the year.

My daily wardrobe consists of the usual staples of long sleeves, dark skinnies and scarves. My accessories are where I add in the fun. You can mix and match, play it up or down, look classy and comfortable. (Between errands, office work and studio meetings, comfort is key.)

So, before I get sidetracked, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things.

Clutch: Tortoiseshell anything will always be in style; ask your grandmothers. The mix of the black and brown print blends everything together. The clutch caught my eye back in MARCH and with that said, it is something that is not just a seasonal staple, but a daily staple.


Flats: These calf-hair cuties definitely make a statement on your feet. After having to throw out my first beloved pair after wearing them out on wedding days, I was more than happy to see that they were still available two years later!


Studs: I have a collection of Kate Spade gumdrops, but Kendra Scott knows how to make an entrance. These Morgan studs are perfect for everyday wear and the smokey quartz is eye catching.


Lips: Day to day, I try to keep my makeup routine simple. Groomed brows, mascara’d lashes, colored lips. Regardless, Bobbi Brown is my go to girl-I can probably thank Tayla LaMacchia our go to make up gal here in Milwaukee for this obsession. The sheer lip color in Cherry Pink is always in hand and on lips.

TIP: Versatility is key. True, I am stating these are my fall staples, but all items can be worn throughout the seasons! Hence making them great additions to any closet!

Lands End store locations near Milwaukee:

17925 W Bluemound Rd #400
Brookfield, WI
(262) 879-2000

Brookfield Square, 115 S Moorland Rd
Brookfield, WI
(262) 796-5304

(currently 20% off sitewide! Code: FALLBREEZE Pin:1755)

28 Aug 2014

Worth the wait

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My Facebook feed has been seeing a trend lately and not one of those viral videos being shared with a funny animal doing something even funnier…but with engagements galore!

Tis the season!

I am so thrilled as I’ve had many friends become engaged in the past month, weeks and actually in a few days :) (Congrats to the couple who cannot yet be named!)

But with the engagement excitement comes the planning overexcitement. Brides-to-be can’t wait to put their dream wedding boards on Pinterest to reality’s use. (I can’t blame you ladies!)

With that said, it is really easy to jump the gun.

Currently, it is booking time for the 2015 season, but strangely enough, we’ve been getting contacted for the 2016 season already. Do NOT get me wrong, this is the ultimate form of flattery, we are elated about brides who are elated about working with us.

But here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking in advance:

Styles Change:
Think about how much weddings styles have changed in the last year or perhaps the number of times you’ve switched up what your dream looks like.

The main point is, what may be in style this year, probably won’t be as popular next year and well the year after that, well, that’s anyone’s guess…

Families Change:
Sad but real truth, death and illness do occur, and sometimes things happen out of the blue.

A bride booked for 2014 had to change the wedding date due to a family emergency.

Relationships Change:
For the better or for the worse-you may form new relationships throughout the next two years, or you might lose some along the way, everybody has their true blue friends, but there are also some that come and go. Could you imagine having to revoke an invite to be a bridesmaid?

Change is obviously a recurring theme here…

So pick a date, throw out some ideas, but enjoy showing off your ring and gushing for a few months if you’re still 2 years out from your big day! Planning should go into full force about a year out from your date!

-Earliest you can book a venue: 16 months out
-Earliest you can book a caterer: 1 year out
-When you typically order your dress: 8 months out

And if I haven’t warned you enough already, think about fitting into some of your dresses from 2 years ago…

19 Aug 2014

Tried and True: Product Review {Glamglow SuperMud}

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Timing for break outs could never be worse; they show up when you least expect them or want them.

They’re like the guest who didn’t RSVP when you have all of the place settings at each table with no room. Everything was perfectly placed until the last minute.

But, from a planner’s perspective, you’ve got to find a way to blend them in and quickly.

Perhaps it is because I’m actually attending a wedding as a guest this weekend and my face wants to sabotage the rest of my body, but without fail I have a break out. Or should I say HAD.

Instead of having a cry session about it, I took matters into my own hands and nipped it in the bud.

That’s where Glamglow SuperMud came to the rescue.

In GLAMGLOW we trust

In GLAMGLOW we trust

Before you say, “HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE TAG ON THAT TINY 1.2oz JAR!?” let me notify you that I indeed have and that’s why I asked for a sample. A FREE sample. Sephora, ladies and gents, is indeed your friend.

The packaging is white, but the contents are dark grey. I was little taken aback as I’ve grown more accustomed to my traditional bright green, swamp monster masks.

In reality, this mask makes you look like even more of a swamp monster, so stay away from your windows or your neighbors might try to sell you out to the media.

After lightly laying it across my face (I didn’t leave thick spots) I let it dry for about 5 minutes.

I noticed that in definitely seeped into my pores and I almost immediately could see every little dot on my face. I had a minor freak out that it wouldn’t wash away and that I had actually done some real harm to myself…

After a good 10 minutes (5 for extra measure) I washed it off.

I wasn’t expecting a miracle, nor was I expecting it to live up to the hype. Honestly, the reviews made it sound like it was indeed some type of super hero for your skin. (eye roll) But…it kind of knocked my socks off, I’m not going to lie.

My face seemed to be glowing, my skin tone seemed to be milkier and my bright red breakout had softened. The redness was no longer flaming red, it had died down to much more of a slow smolder at that point in time.

36 hours have passed and my spots are only tiny pink dots.

To my brides to be who have a break out a week, or days, before their wedding or to anybody who just wants to know, this Super Mud super hero lived up to its super name, take it from me!

Where to buy the full size: SEPHORA

TIP: As stated above, visit your local Sephora and ask for a sample; they’re more than generous and the amount will cover your face AND leave some for spot treatment at a later date.

TIP: Want more on hand, but don’t want to buy the full size product? Check for trial sizes on Ebay; you can buy a few packets at a time to keep on hand for those emergencies. Sephora might catch on if you are continuously coming in for free samples ;)

13 Aug 2014

Creating a buzz

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Move over signature cocktails, you’ve got some new competition in line!

Something really fun has been happening lately and I’m admittedly thrilled to see it popping up during wedding days and the web.

Signature coffee drinks!

Truth: I do drink a lot of coffee. You could call it an addiction if you want to, so perhaps I am biased, but I can’t help but fall in love with this new trend.

Our lovely bride Briana featured signature coffee drinks from Roast Coffee here in Milwaukee at her wedding reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum and I don’t have to repeat myself when I say they created a big buzz.

briana coffee

Anne’s iced coffee bar via Colectivo was so buzzworthy it was drunk dry before the reception even opened. She dressed up her DIY station with adorable mint striped straws and flavored syrup pumps in vanilla, hazelnut and almond. Served along side were perfect macaroons from La Reve and gingersnaps from Colectivo. Because you can’t have a coffee break without a little sweet on the side.

We also collaborated with Ryan at Roast Coffee for our Onyx and Honey Style Shoot that was recently featured on 100 Layer Cake. “Honestly why aren’t there more coffee bars at weddings?!” Agreed.

Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, as it is still August, but nights have been getting noticeably cooler lately. Coffee bars would be the perfect addition to add some coziness to perhaps our cooler season weddings.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps do a non-caffeinated hot chocolate beverage along the side or a creamy chai latte.

Coffee bars come in handy for those guests who don’t drink alcohol and guests don’t need an ID to enjoy.

The only downside I can see is picking your signature flavor…and treat…and cup…

If I had it my way, I’d have my Skim Miel Latte served in a gold rimmed Fire King cup with a butter cookie from C. Adams Bakery on the side.

…But that’s just me… and I’m already getting way ahead of myself.

11 Jul 2014

Shake the hanger pangs

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Being a wedding coordinator comes with major perks; I get to experience something new every week while in the meantime meeting so many amazing brides and vendors along the way (I wouldn’t change a thing about my career!)

At the same time, there are some downfalls-mainly running around like crazy people in between meetings and office work. Where does my time go?

I constantly find myself asking where does my time go after a long day, and after a long day, I find myself pretty dang hungry. Actually h a n g  r y. Hangry does exist everybody. After turning HANGRY from an overload of caffeine and trying to remember if I actually took in anything of sustenance during the day, the last thing I really want to do is create a healthy meal, instead, I want something quick and easy and most likely unhealthy.

This is a bad, bad habit. We preach to our brides about eating on their wedding days and honestly, we’ve got to start practicing. So I’m going back to one of my favorite, delicious and healthy recipes for peanut butter balls. Packed with protein to tie us over through the day.

Chock full of chia seeds, flax, oats and peanut butter, these will satisfy just about any tooth you have and keep your hanger in check.

TIP: Guys like them, too!

Plus, you can mix everything in a bowl and have these done in about 10 minutes flat. Seriously.


1 Cup old fashioned oats (ground in a food processor)

1/4 Cup flax seeds

1/4 Cup chia seeds

1/4 Cup Craisins (I LOVE dried blueberries, too)

1.5 Cups natural roasted peanut butter

Honey to taste (I do about two tablespoons)


Using a LARGE mixing bowl, start top down with the ingredients. Pour in oats, flax, chia and craisins.

Stir around, make sure you’re mixing around the dry ingredients before adding the sticky ones. You want everything to be evenly distributed.

Add in peanut butter. Stir. If you are happy with the texture, top off with honey to mix in.

If you find that your paste, essentially, is too dry, add in extra peanut butter. This recipe can be altered to your preferences without messing it up.

Once finished mixing, roll the paste into bite sized balls.

You can store them in Tupperware or any sort of covered plate/dish.

TIP: I let me set in the refrigerator for about two hours. The dry ingredients become softer and peanut butter bites taste better when cold.




TIP: String cheese and hard boiled eggs are also easy on the go snacks that we often have packed for our long days!

13 Jun 2014


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A few months ago we created a blog revolving around specialty drinks for your wedding day cocktail hour.

I think right then and there we decided we’d have to sample at least one…or all…and maybe make up a few on our own.

Yesterday we decided to get crafty and I think I can successfully say we designed the Tailored Engagements signature drink.

We know you want the recipe:

Strawberry Lime Crush

This summery cocktail is perfect for sipping on the porch after a long day in the office. The sweetness of the strawberries, tang of the lime and spice of the ginger meld together perfectly.

2 oz vodka
4 oz ginger beer (We used Boylan)
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

4 strawberries sliced (two for each drink)
Fresh mint leaves

Lime slice for garnish

photo (1)

Shake (we shook) or muddle vodka, strawberry slices and mint leaves with ice and strain into a glass (over ice). Add lime juice. Pour the ginger beer over top. Garnish with a thin slice of lime and a sprig of mint. Optional: Add a parasol so you feel absolutely at ease.



TIP: As sad as I am to admit this, we didn’t have a fancy pants cocktail shaker. Instead we used a coffee thermos and just made sure the lid was closed tight. Still got the job done.

It is not detrimental to strain the fruit and mint from your shaker; we solely did for aesthetic reasons even though we ended up adding more strawberry slices in.