19 Aug 2014

Tried and True: Product Review {Glamglow SuperMud}

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Timing for break outs could never be worse; they show up when you least expect them or want them.

They’re like the guest who didn’t RSVP when you have all of the place settings at each table with no room. Everything was perfectly placed until the last minute.

But, from a planner’s perspective, you’ve got to find a way to blend them in and quickly.

Perhaps it is because I’m actually attending a wedding as a guest this weekend and my face wants to sabotage the rest of my body, but without fail I have a break out. Or should I say HAD.

Instead of having a cry session about it, I took matters into my own hands and nipped it in the bud.

That’s where Glamglow SuperMud came to the rescue.

In GLAMGLOW we trust

In GLAMGLOW we trust

Before you say, “HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE TAG ON THAT TINY 1.2oz JAR!?” let me notify you that I indeed have and that’s why I asked for a sample. A FREE sample. Sephora, ladies and gents, is indeed your friend.

The packaging is white, but the contents are dark grey. I was little taken aback as I’ve grown more accustomed to my traditional bright green, swamp monster masks.

In reality, this mask makes you look like even more of a swamp monster, so stay away from your windows or your neighbors might try to sell you out to the media.

After lightly laying it across my face (I didn’t leave thick spots) I let it dry for about 5 minutes.

I noticed that in definitely seeped into my pores and I almost immediately could see every little dot on my face. I had a minor freak out that it wouldn’t wash away and that I had actually done some real harm to myself…

After a good 10 minutes (5 for extra measure) I washed it off.

I wasn’t expecting a miracle, nor was I expecting it to live up to the hype. Honestly, the reviews made it sound like it was indeed some type of super hero for your skin. (eye roll) But…it kind of knocked my socks off, I’m not going to lie.

My face seemed to be glowing, my skin tone seemed to be milkier and my bright red breakout had softened. The redness was no longer flaming red, it had died down to much more of a slow smolder at that point in time.

36 hours have passed and my spots are only tiny pink dots.

To my brides to be who have a break out a week, or days, before their wedding or to anybody who just wants to know, this Super Mud super hero lived up to its super name, take it from me!

Where to buy the full size: SEPHORA

TIP: As stated above, visit your local Sephora and ask for a sample; they’re more than generous and the amount will cover your face AND leave some for spot treatment at a later date.

TIP: Want more on hand, but don’t want to buy the full size product? Check for trial sizes on Ebay; you can buy a few packets at a time to keep on hand for those emergencies. Sephora might catch on if you are continuously coming in for free samples ;)

13 Aug 2014

Creating a buzz

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Move over signature cocktails, you’ve got some new competition in line!

Something really fun has been happening lately and I’m admittedly thrilled to see it popping up during wedding days and the web.

Signature coffee drinks!

Truth: I do drink a lot of coffee. You could call it an addiction if you want to, so perhaps I am biased, but I can’t help but fall in love with this new trend.

Our lovely bride Briana featured signature coffee drinks from Roast Coffee here in Milwaukee at her wedding reception at the Milwaukee Art Museum and I don’t have to repeat myself when I say they created a big buzz.

briana coffee

Anne’s iced coffee bar via Colectivo was so buzzworthy it was drunk dry before the reception even opened. She dressed up her DIY station with adorable mint striped straws and flavored syrup pumps in vanilla, hazelnut and almond. Served along side were perfect macaroons from La Reve and gingersnaps from Colectivo. Because you can’t have a coffee break without a little sweet on the side.

We also collaborated with Ryan at Roast Coffee for our Onyx and Honey Style Shoot that was recently featured on 100 Layer Cake. “Honestly why aren’t there more coffee bars at weddings?!” Agreed.

Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Heather Cook Elliott Photography

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, as it is still August, but nights have been getting noticeably cooler lately. Coffee bars would be the perfect addition to add some coziness to perhaps our cooler season weddings.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps do a non-caffeinated hot chocolate beverage along the side or a creamy chai latte.

Coffee bars come in handy for those guests who don’t drink alcohol and guests don’t need an ID to enjoy.

The only downside I can see is picking your signature flavor…and treat…and cup…

If I had it my way, I’d have my Skim Miel Latte served in a gold rimmed Fire King cup with a butter cookie from C. Adams Bakery on the side.

…But that’s just me… and I’m already getting way ahead of myself.

11 Jul 2014

Shake the hanger pangs

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Being a wedding coordinator comes with major perks; I get to experience something new every week while in the meantime meeting so many amazing brides and vendors along the way (I wouldn’t change a thing about my career!)

At the same time, there are some downfalls-mainly running around like crazy people in between meetings and office work. Where does my time go?

I constantly find myself asking where does my time go after a long day, and after a long day, I find myself pretty dang hungry. Actually h a n g  r y. Hangry does exist everybody. After turning HANGRY from an overload of caffeine and trying to remember if I actually took in anything of sustenance during the day, the last thing I really want to do is create a healthy meal, instead, I want something quick and easy and most likely unhealthy.

This is a bad, bad habit. We preach to our brides about eating on their wedding days and honestly, we’ve got to start practicing. So I’m going back to one of my favorite, delicious and healthy recipes for peanut butter balls. Packed with protein to tie us over through the day.

Chock full of chia seeds, flax, oats and peanut butter, these will satisfy just about any tooth you have and keep your hanger in check.

TIP: Guys like them, too!

Plus, you can mix everything in a bowl and have these done in about 10 minutes flat. Seriously.


1 Cup old fashioned oats (ground in a food processor)

1/4 Cup flax seeds

1/4 Cup chia seeds

1/4 Cup Craisins (I LOVE dried blueberries, too)

1.5 Cups natural roasted peanut butter

Honey to taste (I do about two tablespoons)


Using a LARGE mixing bowl, start top down with the ingredients. Pour in oats, flax, chia and craisins.

Stir around, make sure you’re mixing around the dry ingredients before adding the sticky ones. You want everything to be evenly distributed.

Add in peanut butter. Stir. If you are happy with the texture, top off with honey to mix in.

If you find that your paste, essentially, is too dry, add in extra peanut butter. This recipe can be altered to your preferences without messing it up.

Once finished mixing, roll the paste into bite sized balls.

You can store them in Tupperware or any sort of covered plate/dish.

TIP: I let me set in the refrigerator for about two hours. The dry ingredients become softer and peanut butter bites taste better when cold.




TIP: String cheese and hard boiled eggs are also easy on the go snacks that we often have packed for our long days!

13 Jun 2014


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A few months ago we created a blog revolving around specialty drinks for your wedding day cocktail hour.

I think right then and there we decided we’d have to sample at least one…or all…and maybe make up a few on our own.

Yesterday we decided to get crafty and I think I can successfully say we designed the Tailored Engagements signature drink.

We know you want the recipe:

Strawberry Lime Crush

This summery cocktail is perfect for sipping on the porch after a long day in the office. The sweetness of the strawberries, tang of the lime and spice of the ginger meld together perfectly.

2 oz vodka
4 oz ginger beer (We used Boylan)
1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

4 strawberries sliced (two for each drink)
Fresh mint leaves

Lime slice for garnish

photo (1)

Shake (we shook) or muddle vodka, strawberry slices and mint leaves with ice and strain into a glass (over ice). Add lime juice. Pour the ginger beer over top. Garnish with a thin slice of lime and a sprig of mint. Optional: Add a parasol so you feel absolutely at ease.



TIP: As sad as I am to admit this, we didn’t have a fancy pants cocktail shaker. Instead we used a coffee thermos and just made sure the lid was closed tight. Still got the job done.

It is not detrimental to strain the fruit and mint from your shaker; we solely did for aesthetic reasons even though we ended up adding more strawberry slices in.

19 Mar 2014

Sam + J {Engagement shoot}

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Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart. This couple has overcome great lengths, literally, to be together their and love has blossomed into an amazing adventure. Check out their story and fabulous engagement shoot by Heather Cook Elliott Photography here!


03 Mar 2014

Danielle + Paul {Osthoff Resort}

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You know when you see those wedding day photos where the snow is falling perfectly overhead and the couple looks like they haven’t a care in the world? The icy white somehow comes off as warmth and makes you feel all cuddly inside? You probably have a smile on your face and maybe, if you’re a little on the sappy side, your eyes tear up just a little?

Well, Danielle and Paul are two people to be jealous of.

Not just because their picture portrays exactly what I just described perfectly, but because along with the beautiful wedding day and engagement shots you can tell just how perfectly in love they are.

Need the proof?


TJ Uttke Photography

Seriously, did they even notice it was cold outside?

Danielle and Paul were two of the biggest sweethearts to be around that day. They were so grateful for everything. There was an obvious ease between the two and their relationship. Getting Danielle ready to walk down the aisle was a breeze; if there were nerves, I couldn’t sense any.

After the ceremony the two only had eyes for one another. They took the time to relax before their reception, just the two; throughout the night the pair would have quiet time alone, but at the same time, they seemed to cater to their guests.

Each and every person there was somebody they were close with. And in a room chock full of people that might be hard to believe, but this was a type of wedding where you feel right at home-like you’ve known these people forever.

The couple wrote a letter to each and every guest, thanking them for being a part of their big day:


(We LOVED that each place setting had a little sprig of lavender tucked in it.)

Not to mention we were told their families had big sweet tooths, but big didn’t even begin to cover it. Let’s go with ginormous…that fits it to a t. Their dessert table had probably 15 different sweet treats to choose from; cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, candies, you name it, they had it.

These cute little chrysanthemum topped cupcakes were my favorite.

Lani Renneau Confections

Lani Renneau Confections

And their guests adored them. It was obvious. When listening to the detail of everybody’s speeches they had such detail and more times than not tears followed. Tears that made the individual speaking stop to catch their breath and regroup just a little. Laughs were imminent too, especially when hearing the tale of how the two met. Priceless!


Marius Bell

When you’ve got a love that is great, it engulfs you and your sweetheart and everyone around you-and that is exactly how I would describe what Danielle and Paul have.

Congrats to the newlyweds and cheers for the many more years to come!



12 Feb 2014

All that glitters…

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We’ve been having a frequently occurring issue of not being able to find gold wedding accessories-whether it be a belt or headpiece-they are just hard to find. BUT, we happened to catch wind of a new line while dress shopping at Bliss Bridal in Brookfield yesterday and thought we would share the great news with you.

Be prepared to fall in love…

PRESENTING (da-da-da-da!) Thomas Knoell’s new Watters line with bold and GOLD accessories.

Watters Belt

Cove Belt

Luxor Belt

Luxor Belt

And just because I’m in love with these, for your viewing pleasure, the Athena Cuffs. *swoon*

Watters Collection

Watters Collection


Honestly, they’re all pretty much my favorite-how can you not be enamored by them?

After viewing all of his pieces, there is one thing I noticed-I haven’t had that many brides lately with headpieces. Headpieces are definitely a do. It is just one more way your can have yourself dripping in jewels, so why not?

Our Inspiration:

Erin Kuhn was one of our brides from this past summer who had a headpiece and rocked it. She definitely goes to show that they can be done beautifully.

Gloss Photography

Gloss Photography

Our picks:

Watters Headpiece

Watters Headpiece

Watters Comb

Watters Comb







Afraid of going overboard? Check out this smaller piece. You can always make a little go a long way!

Just remember all that glitters doesn’t have to be gold; the line also comes in silver and rose gold!

Want another option for glittering accessories? Check out Jaxie Bridal in person or online!

05 Feb 2014

Celebrity Style-Bridesmaid Edition

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For some reason, and maybe I’m the only person who thinks like this, but when hearing the word “bridesmaid dress” images of horror pop up into my mind. Puffy sleeves, putrid colors, something that will be retired to the back of the closet the second you can get it off…but in reality, we’ve come a very long way since those days. The world of bridesmaid dresses have evolved and yet again, they’re upping the glam factor.

A new trend we’ve been seeing? Styling your bridesmaids after celebrities and upping the sophistication. Long gorgeous gowns decked out in jewels and sequins, or maybe just a beautiful solid satin. As a bride, you want every detail to fit together perfectly. Every aspect needs to shine-whether the dresses be short or long, don’t skimp on your bridesmaids!

This doesn’t mean any extra costs to the girls either; there are plenty of perfectly affordable picks from your local boutiques as well as online options!

Weddington Way has options from $100 and under as well as dresses that are 100% returnable! The site is easily accessible and allows the bride to share her customized page with her bridesmaids.

Taking two very popular inspirations from some of Hollywood’s starlets here, are some of our favorite looks for your leading ladies.


Long, short, sleeveless or sleeved, sequins are a HUGE trend right now. As always, Kate is a stunner in sequins.


Our Inspiration                                                                                                                                                  Our Picks:



front sequin


back sequin


Looking for shorter options? Check out these sites for styles all under $75:




One Shoulders & Slits:

Jen Aniston definitely turned heads in this high slit, one shoulder gown. Don’t feel comfortable doing both? Opt for one or the other.

Our Inspiration

 This gorgeous gown is a doppelganger for Aniston’s showstopper. Added bonus? It comes in over 25 colors to choose from!

 David’s Bridal also has a selection of one shoulder gowns ranging from jersey, silk, charmeuse and chiffon. Keep in mind the addition of lace and/or floral embellishments always ups the glam as well.

 Just remember on the big day own the red carpet-ahem aisle-with confidence and you’ll reach celebrity status in your audience’s eyes!

Want more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for bridesmaids!


24 Jan 2014

Keep It Custom

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When monograms come to mind, some people may automatically be turned off on the idea. True, I used to automatically think of my grandparents’ era. Something old fashioned, maybe even outdated. Yes, it is a style that has been around forever (seriously since medieval times), but in my eyes, especially lately, it is truly a trend that will never get tired.

Did you know that there is proper etiquette for engaged or married couples’ monograms?

“Married or engaged couples may use two-letter monograms of their entwined initials, for example on wedding invitations. Married couples may also create three-letter monograms incorporating the initial of their shared surname. However, monogramming etiquette for the married couple varies according to the item being monogrammed. Linens, for example, typically list the woman’s given initial first, followed by the couple’s shared surname initial and then the man’s given initial.”

With that said, if you know the rules, it is all the more reason to break them! Customize them whichever way you want. Whether you are classic, modern, vintage, rustic, whimsy, every bride wants their wedding day to be all about them and that’s why monograms fit in perfectly with each and every style.

Here are some of the easiest ways to incorporate your own custom touch into your dream day.


classic inviterustic invite whimsy inviteRunners:

classic monogram runner

rustic runner

vintage monogram runner

Cake toppers:

monogram cake 2

monogram cake 3

rustic topper

Final touches:monogram decor 2

monogram decor 3

monogram decor

Just remember, you don’t always have to keep it classic, but you can always keep it custom.



13 Jan 2014

Sundae Weddings

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With this less than mild weather, and I think it would be okay to refer to it as downright brutal, I’ve definitely been dreaming about  summer. Outdoor summer weddings (we have a few!) and more specifically, Sundae weddings. Yes, S-U-N-D-A-E as in the ice cream treat, not day of the week!

When it comes to deciding the perfect dessert for your wedding guests, there are obviously many sweet treats that come to mind. There is the tried and true sheet cake, the very popular cupcakes, and an assortment of favorite gummies, chocolates and candies for the ever popular candy bar. With that said, many couples want to walk down the beaten path and try something different. Being that many couples choose to have their weddings during the heat of the summer, here is a cool alternative to more traditional desserts.

Creating your own Ice Cream (or Gelato!) Parlors are a perfect way to personalize your dessert as well as offering guests a full assortment of mixing and matching whatever they please. It is a great way to make sure you don’t get stuck in the “one size fits all” dilemma because truly, no one really likes the exact same thing. Ice Cream buffets are a great way to add a playful element to the evening. The bride and groom can offer their ideas for their perfect signature sundae and leave the rest up to their guests. A few of my favorite places? Purple Door and La Coppa.  With locations in Milwaukee, both have a perfect mix of traditional and extravagant flavors.

Personalized Spoons

Personalized Spoons


Styling your personal parlor is really where you can let your creativity flow. Dessert tables are an aspect of the celebration that sometimes can be overlooked; instead with this idea, there are so many elements up for designing. When I dream of ice cream, and I do a lot, I think of a soft and light color palette. Mint green, robin’s egg blue, and baby pink come to mind.

Anything from the traditional maraschino cherries to the more extreme sour gummies can make an appearance at an ice cream parlor. It is a good idea to let guests know exactly what they’re getting, which is why I felt that wooden spoons showcasing each topping was a great idea. Jarred ice cream toppings are also a great and memorable favor for guests; it is also something that can pretty much be guaranteed not to be given anywhere else.





My favorite are these cute little labels that can be fastened to skewers or even striped straws. Another alternative is having them printed by themselves and stuck on apothecary jars for each flavor of ice cream or candy. Chalkboards are always fun, too!



When I’m craving a cone I automatically want a crunchy, vanilla waffle cone. Keeping in mind that it is most likely going to be warm and guests are going to mingle while munching, dishes are the way to go. You can personalize them with a monogram, do stripes or dots, or glamorize them with bowties! Even the littlest items, like spoons, can be colorful additions!




Just remember, “Its difficult to think of anything but pleasant thoughts while eating ice cream.”